The liposomal glutathione


  • Used in various liver diseases, especially in alcoholic liver disease, drug-poisoned liver disease (including anticancer drugs, anti-TB drugs, psychotropic drugs, antidepressants, acetaminophen and traditional Chinese medicine, etc.) has a positive effect on infectious liver disease-hepatitis B, hepatitis C, chronic activity in the symptoms also have improved, Signs and the function of restoring liver function.
  • For the rescue of heavy metals, organic solvents, and another poisoning.
  • Prevention and treatment of radiation damage, leukopenia, and radiation-induced bone marrow tissue inflammation.
  • For facial pigmentation, Versicolor and various reasons caused by pigmentation.
  • Eye drops are used for early senile cataract, and can also be used for the corneal ulcer, corneal epithelium peeling, keratitis, etc.

Adverse Reactions:

  • Allergy: occasional rash and other allergic symptoms, should stop the medicine.
  • I have a bad appetite, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and other symptoms.

Medication for pregnant and lactating women:

The mice and rabbits were given glutathione by vein during pregnancy, and no reproductive toxicity was observed. The effect of this product on pregnant and lactating women is not clear.

Drug Interactions:

This product may not be mixed with vitamin B12, vitamin K3, pantothenic calcium, whey acid, antihistamines, sulfa drugs, and tetracycline.

Pharmacological action:


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